About Patara

Patara was the largest and most important seaport of Lycian civilisation and was established in the peninsula between Antalya an Fethiye bays about 2000 years ago. Patara is a perfect holiday destination with a magnificent sandy wide beach. The blue waves flow onto this fine grained sandy beach gleaming white under the hot summer sun. The shallow coastline here is ideal for children and the absence of pebbles, rocks and stones and the pure clean sea make the beach a delighful and safe place for everyone.

Around Patara the silhouette of the foothills of the Taurus mountains provide the backround to this beautiful and peaceful region. Anyone seeking peace will enjoy walking for miles ın the surrounding countryside, marvelling at the beauty of the landscape.

When it becomes dark, the beach belongs to the sea turtles, leaving their eggs on this famous stretch of coastline. Patara does not only have the largest and most beautiful beach but also many ancıent buildings and excavations dating back to the Lycian and Roman period These buildings and monuments are easily accesible from the 2 km road leading from the town to coast.

Some of these ancıent structures, such as the amphıtheatre, still keep their breathtaking magnificence as they did when the earliest civilisations lived, worked and played amongst them. With a little imagination visitors can easily imagine the original splendour of the ruins of the Amphitheatre, Roman and warehouses now mainly excavated from the sand and encroaching forests.

Each year new excavations uncover more of the former and artifacts of the region. Did you know that St.Nicholas (Father Christmas) was born in the fourth century in Patara? Not only the Lycian and surrounding mountains and countryside with their wild untouched natural beauty make this region a truly unique holiday destination.